The motto at KBS MCA College is “n’ Couraging Curiosity and Creativity”. To achieve this, we provide the state of the art environment conducive to inculcate the spirit of excellence in all our endeavors, augmenting academics with ethics. This blend enables us to instill in our students a sense of responsibility and zeal to excel. In this complex era of convergence of technology, corporate entangles and professional competition, we lay the best foundation of technological expertise and leadership skills, that steer them thrive & prevail over the depth and vastness of technological advancements and globalization.

Our motto leads us to trigger the technical thought process in the mind of the students, making them the best solution provider, traversing the unconventional path to reach at the optimal. Striving hard to achieve excellence in all endeavors by putting in their best is the way of life at KBS, augmented by the best support and technical guidance.

At KBS, our aim is to guide our pupils by inculcating the technological doctrines into them, so as to make them a world class technocrat. Embodying them with the grit to face the unexpected twists and twirls of the human nature complicated by the fast pace of technology revolution and convergence, we strive hard to imbibe all those qualities in the students which will make them technologically sound, responsible citizens who carve a niche from themselves.

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