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A Charitable Trust "Oshwal Education Trust" was established and formally registered on 14th January 1986 in order to provide educational facilities to the studetns of Jamnagar, with English Medium. One educational institution after another came up in quick succession.

  • Smt. Prabhaben Lakhamshi Haria Pre-Primary School.
  • Shri Lakhamshi Govindji Haria Primary School.
  • Shri Lakhamshi Govindji Haria High School.
  • Smt. Kasturben D. Nagda Institute of Language Teaching(B.Ed. College).
  • Shri Gosar Hansraj Gosrani Commerce College & Shri Dharmshi Devraj Nagda B.B.A. College.
  • Shri Jaysukhlal Vadhar Institute of Management Studies & Shri Bipin T. Vadhar College of Management (M.B.A. & M.A.M. College).
  • Shri Keshavji Bharmal Sumaria M.C.A. College.
  • Haria Institute of Spoken English.
  • Smt. Chandramaniben Zaverchand Meghji Gosrani B.C.A.
  • Shri Zaverchand Mulchand Shah P.T.C. College.

Oshwal Education Trust has been the 'Brain Child' of Shri Ramniklal K. Shah, Managing Trustee, under whose able leadership the trust has matured into a complete educational needs provider. His untiring zeal has been instrumental in starting various institute one after the other - all being managed aptly by dedicated Trustees.

In 1995, Shri Bipinchandra T. Vadhar with his rich experience as an administrator and as a management expert took over the reins of the trust as the "Director of Higher Education". Having realised the dearth for English Medium college and the plight of the students who had to leave town in order to pursue higher education, he worked zealously contributing his might both quantitatively and qualitatively to establish an English medium College namely "Shri Gosar Hansraj Gosrani Commerce (Eng. Medium) & Shri Dharamshi Devraj Nagda B.B.A. College." He is highly instrumental in making M.B.A. & B.C.A. a reality.

These centres of learning are the fruitful outcome of the creation engineered by the founders through their untiring efforts. Several generations to come will remain indebted to the founders for this glorious vision which was translated into action.


Oshwal Education Trust (OET) believes in sustaining values and imparting the same to all the budding managers joining our campus.In the past year OET has undergone a huge technological change to inculcate the students to be well versed with the current business practices and managerial implications.

Today, there is an increasing global consciousness in all sectors and societies of the world. Globalization has created multinational organizations designed to compete in the broader economic playing field. Keeping the same in mind, we at JVIMS- KBS MCA College are committed to meeting the emerging challenges and opportunities of the globalized world. JVIMS - KBS strives to produce the best professionals and thought leaders in the industry. This commitment is through leadership with deep understanding of business and the intention is to encourage intellectual curiosity and open minds to the vast opportunities in the business world.

The programme stresses on participative learning and relies heavily on Practicals,Projects,Internship training and Discussions, besides academics in the classrooms.

The need of the hour is to be up-to-date with technical know-how. The pedagogy includes a series of Workshops, Guest lectures, Seminars, Classroom discussions and Practical exposure. All our energies of skill-imparting exercises are linked to practicalities of the business world.

Consequently, our students learn to be more agile, strong in academics, technically sound, pragmatic in their approach and, above all, sincere and hardworking. Enough emphasis is also laid on development of overall personality of the students through industry exposure and interactions.

Our Institute has perfected its role and scope and have also gone beyond to create a better society by delivering sound technocrats ready to meet today's challenges.

The pursuit of the program demands intellectual maturity, strength of purpose and willingness to work hard for those endowed with inquisitive minds and professional aspirations.

Let's strive together to bring out the best in us...

Shri Kantilal Haria,
Chairman - Oshwal Education Trust


At JVIMS-KBS MCA College,quality education is more than a philosophy;it is the very essence of its existence.

A disciplined, serene and pleasant environment envelops the campus. It blends beautifully with the green landscaping,aesthetic elegance of arches and the vibrant pursuit of knowledge by the young aspirants.The academic ambience gives full scope for studies as well as activities, which are plenty, as also to individual pursuits for development on preferred tracks

JVIMS-KBS MCA College shares the campus with four other institutions viz Commerce,Management,Computer Applications and Diploma Studies.All have distinguished record of achievements. Students joining the Institute have therefore,an opportunity of interaction with the academic community of the entire campus. The academic environment generated by the interaction between professional disciplines has a stimulating influence, especially in the formative years of young students. Exposure to such environment helps the students to develop good communication skills,an integrated personality and greater competitive spirit.

The dedication and commitment with which the students and faculty have worked over the past five years have paid rich dividends and this really should make this institute the most preferred one among the student fraternity. The students of this institute have so far been consistently securing top ranks in Gujarat Technological University examinations. The performance of a student in the examinations is not the sole criterion of the quality of education acquired;nevertheless,it is an important indication of the effectiveness of the academic inputs.

Students are encouraged to participate in national and international competitions/ events and have received appreciation by winning prizes. Placement of graduates of last four batches has been note worthy.

I invite students and organizations to join hands for a bright future...

R. K. Shah
(Managing Trustee)

It gives me immense proud and privilege to introduce the young and dedicated students of MCA Programme of JVIMS. The class of 2012-15 comprises of highly vibrant batch of students,with superlative performance records in academics and extra curriculum.

Sinee its inception in 2008,the aim of JVIMS has been to create true profes­ sionals, who could fit into the versatilities of the markets, working out with 3 C's i.e. Commitment, Curiosity and Creativity. The determination of students coupled with highly qualified & experienced faculty make them a right choice for you to position them not only as a human resource but also as a change agent in the today's dynamic business environment.

“n’ Couraging Curiosity and Creativity ":This motto of JVIMStruly relates to 1ts vision to be an academic institute of first choice to transform lives by delivering creative talent that will change the world for better.So, we at JVIMS, focus on delivering quality education to our students.The students begin with a solid foundation with good conceptual knowledge and acquire ability to apply it to actual business situations through problem solving using creative thinking and an innovative mind-set. In view of the versatile needs of the markets, till now JVIMS has been able to help and groom the students and able to upkeep its rich tradition of pursuing academic excellence.

I extend a hearty welcome to you, to visit our campus, and also know the intellect of our students,and give them an opportunity to prove themselves as the human assets for your esteemed organization.

Dr. Ajay Shah,
Director - JVIMS

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